How do I bid on an item in a OnceTwice auction?

OnceTwice offers several methods of bidding, depending on the type of sale. OnceTwice Webcast Auctions allow you to bid live via the webcast. OnceTwice Onsite Webcast Auctions allow you to bid onsite and for those who cannot attend, virtually online. OnceTwice Online Auctions allow you to bid online during a designated auction period. Bidders who cannot attend an auction or actively bid on an online sale, can submit a proxy bid, which allows the auctioneer to bid on your behalf up to your designated limit. Certain sales may be designated as sealed bid auctions or private negotiations, in which case the bidder will speak directly to a bid coordinator to submit a bid.

What is the difference between a Webcast and Onsite Auction and a Webcast Online Only auction?

OnceTwice Webcast Auctions are actually LIVE auctions that are broadcast worldwide via the Internet. Bidders can choose to physically go to the auction site and bid in person in traditional auction style if it is Webcast and Onsite, or they can log on via the web and bid. If it is a Webcast Online Only Auction, the auction is conducted online only, virtually, in a live sale style, with the auctioneer collecting bids live.

How do I register for an auction?

Onsite auctions: you must see the clerk at the registration desk and follow their instructions. Bidders who intend to bid in person at the auction location should bring identification and arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the sale to fill out the registration form and receive a paddle. For webcast and online auctions the registration is done through the your computer by following the links from the specific auction page at PLEASE REGISTER AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF ANY WEBCAST OR ONLINE SALE to ensure that all registration requirements are met and to resolve any connection or bidding problems before the sale begins. Important: If you plan on bidding from your office computer, firewalls may prevent you from downloading the bidding software or accessing the live auction. Personal computer firewalls and anti-virus settings may also cause complications. We recommend testing your connectivity several days before the sale and contacting your IT support personnel if you have trouble installing the software. We have noticed that sometimes touchscreens or phones have trouble conveying bids. We recommend for a bidder's safety, they enter proxy bids into the sale before it turns live.

Multiple Platform Auctions and Proxy Bids

Some sales are run on multiple platforms simultaneously. The auctioneer helps coordinate the bids between both platforms and they are relayed online. When bidding on a sale, you may be bidding against other platforms, proxy bids, etc.